DGMIT is one of the pioneer companies in convergence technology. Our technology has been sucessfully applied to smartTV apps and major telecommunication companies in Korea. It also has often used for corporation promotional events where participants would easily join the event with their own smartphones and interact with various contents on second screens in realtime.

The other business area of our company is App Licensing. By having much experience and knowledge creating and distributing various kinds of apps and app platforms to smartTV and IP TV industries in Korea, we offer major app distribution line for other contents providers.

We, DGMIT, value “Passion, Innovation, Charity” atittude and always strive to deliver the best user experience as much as we have “We make the first and the best” as our vision. We believe that Donation comes before Gathering and will continue to help others to achieve dreams until 1000 employees help one other person each – Donation & Gathering can Make It, DGMIT.




12 - The Smart Media based the standard, First Prize(TTA president), “AING BOOK”

11 - Mobile Technology Award, KT Prize “Dream Body”

10 - Participate in Hong Kong - Shanghai Roadshow(KASHI)

Volunteer Donating Talent- Computer Class in Cambodia

6 - Indonesia, The Digital Education Show Asia 2015 Exhibition

5 - WIS(World It Show) 2015 Exhibition
12 - The 3rdKorea Smart media Innovation Grand Prize(Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning Award) “Winter Games”

Volunteer Donating Talent - Computer Class in Myanmar

Participated in Indonesia ICT Roadshow

11 - SmartTV app and peripheral Competition Grand Prize (Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Award) Home Training Service “PTer”

Participate in 2014 Smart TV global submit

9 - Selected National Information Society Agency(NIA) Smart Media Pilot Project

5 - Participated in Singapore - Tiwan ICT Roadshow

Participated in DUBAI ICT ROAD SHOW (KISA)

4 - Selected as Smart TV APP Development Support Business from Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning at 2014

2 - Barcelona, Spain MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2014 Exhibition (Samsung Electronics cooperative booth)

1 - Las Vegas, America CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2014 Exhibition



12 - TV App innovation Grand Prize (Samsung Electronic Prize)

7 - Designated as SmartTV service app development company (Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning) SmartTV development 2nd Standardization, Take part in multi-screen standardization process (TTA) Participate in standardizing joint app store (KLABS)

6 - KT Olleh TV App development service contract SKB, SKT next generation STB app development service contract Contents Industry Technology Support Program contest (Korea Creative Content Agency) Smart M-tech Show exhibition (COEX)

5 - HomeChoice cable TV contents service contract KCTA 2013 Digital Cable TV Show (Habichi hotel in Jeju island) beLAUNCH 2013 Startup booth exhibition Startup battle Top 20 finalist pitching

12 - Korea TV App Innovation Grand Prize (Korea Communication Agency Award) ISO 9001:2008/KS Q ISO 9001:2009

11 - Mobile Technology Grand Prize (Chairman of Korea Communication Award)

10 - Mobile Application and Innovation Award in Mobile Technology Innovation (Minister of Knowledge Economy Certificate of Commendation)

9 - MEXICO GranTikiGames GUPPI tech. service

8- IFA 2012 Germany & Samsung smart TV, service launched to 153 countries overseas



12 - SDF partner and app development company register (Samsung/LG Electronics)

11 - SmartTV App Contest Grand Prize (Minister of Knowledge Economy Award)

10 - GUPPI based SmartTV app development

6 - Lightweight ITPPM "WORKVITO" development for small business

Selected as Smart Contents Development Service Business using DB (Korea Database Agency)

5 - NEXCOM Tech market exhibition (HTML5 Application Tech. area)

3 - SmartTV Convergence App Development Frontier Company Seminar (LG Smart TV Dev Camp)

R&D Tech. Guarantee Fund Evaluation and Certification (KIBO)

2 - SmartTV App Development Know-how Frontier Company Seminar (KMOBILE)
8 - Seoul Design Foundation - Design Consulting Business selected as leading and best performing

5 - Selected as R&D business (Small and Medium Business Administration)

3 - Polytechnic University family company member

2 - Designated as Smart Convergence Lab

1 - Verified as venture company


License List

1 patent public   2002-003316 Creating web form and posting methods with a clipboard
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SW List

1 S/W registered 2002-01-230-003279 EasyTag v 1.0
2 S/W registered 2003-01-230-001405 MOBIPLAZA v 1.0
3 S/W registered 2003-01-230-001406 HTTP Auto Upgrader v 1.0
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13 S/W registered 2011-01-111-000031 DGM ITPPM - Membership Edition
14 S/W registered 2011-01-173-004414 WORKVITO
15 S/W registered C-2012-004126 AIRDART v1.0 for Smart TV

Product / Service List

1 Trademark 2002-0022165 URCOOL
2 Trademark 41-2009-0029080 DGMIT PARTNER
3 Trademark 41-2009-0031761 PKMS
4 Trademark 41-2009-0031763 PKMS Market
5 Trademark 41-2010-0002594 G-MOAR
6 Trademark 41-2011-0020459 WORKVITO
7 Trademark 41-2011-0020461 MULTIVITO
8 Trademark 41-2012-0008889 GUPPI(Global User exPerience Programming Interface)
9 Trademark 40-2015-0060223 어.멋.날(One fine day)