B2 - Multi Screen Convergence Technology

It is undeniable that there is great need for convergence technology between smart devices in today’s market. Our technology “B2” enables smart devices like smartphone, smartTV, tablet, PC, etc. to communicate and interact with each other in both online and offline status, and its compatibility is not limited by different platforms like Android, iOS, Linux, etc. or manufacturers of devices.

Your smartphone

B2 provides remote control functions and intuitive gesture functions to control any contents on second screen. Discover new muscles of your smartphone today!

B2 connects any smart devices, even that are with different platforms and manufacturers, and uses both Direct and Server Relay Communication Methods to connect.

Any Device / Any Platform


1) Connection Support

2) Sensor Support

3) UI / UX Support

4) Platform Support

5) SNS / Profile Support

Joypad UI

Joypad UI is similar to a Joy Stick. Using Arrow buttons, Right / Left controlling is available, and it offers A / B buttons for users' easy control.

Keyboard UI_01

Using Keyboard UI, a user can add texts. For example, they can upload their texts on SNS with this UI.

Touch UI

With Touch UI and slide & touch motions, a user can control a device's screen. With this UI, a user can control the size, angle and position of contents.

Keyboard UI_02


ESPRESSO is a demo which shows B2 technology through OX quiz, Wedding message and Questionnaire. In order to connect, either type URL address on your mobile or simply take QR code if it's provided which will direct you to the same address. Type name and slide paper plane that is on the mobile to the main screen.


This demonstrate of having events for customers to participate OX quiz and give out presents for winners. Host controls the main screen and customer's mobile and customers can answer O or X by pressing the provided buttons on their phone.


The demo is being held in wedding banquet guest sending their messages to the main screen. Once, the writing is done, simply slide the message icon forward and the message will be opened on the front screen.


The demo is about B2 being applied to survey services which collect data and have statistic values as results. User join the survey and simply choose YES or NO right from the phone and have the outcome.