From convergence game apps to children's educational apps, DGMIT has developed various kinds of TV apps for everyone to enjoy.

Learn Languages

- Vocabulary

- Grammar

Learn Mathematics

- Definition of Number

- Calculation

Build UP Creativity

- Strong Creativity

- Thinking Power

Play Cool Games

- Fun Break Time

- Beautiful Stories and Graphics

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AING (Kids App Platform)

This is HTML5 standardized Smart TV platform that provides smartphone interactive educational contents. It has parent mode and safety filter feature for parents to monitor their children’s academic achievement and contents preference.

- It is for kids from 4 to 7 years old.

- It provides three categories: ‘learning’, ‘playing’ and ‘story’ which are based on intelligence of age.

- The contents will be updated every month.

Parent’s Mode

- The user could check the kid’s preference of categories and control the academy category to guide stable growth.
It could set up the time to stop the app or platform automatically.

PTer( personal Home Trainer App)

“PTer” is the service which recommend to user personalized the exercise and menu based on profiling data from smart device which has high accessibility. It provides suitable feedback for user based on profiling data from mobile device. If the user connects with TV, it provides more variety training program and personalized programs at the big screen.